Plymstock Oaks Community Rugby Fundraiser

  • Plymstock Oaks Community Rugby
  • Prize: Cash
  • Ticket Prices:
    1 - £2.50
    5 - £5.00
    15 - £10.00
    30 - £15.00
    50 - £20.00
Must be over 18

Winner will receive


Tickets Sold

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About The Draw

This draw raises money for Oaks’ new community rugby initiative, which involves providing coaching for local school children during term time and holiday camps with free meals outside of term time.


Our aim is to promote the club, and rugby in general, as an activity that truly brings groups of people together and provides an overwhelmingly positive influence on young people.


In particular the program is taking extra steps to promote rugby to girls, to demonstrate that the positive influences aren’t just for the benefit of the boys.


The funds raised contribute to providing meals, covering the cost of fuel and purchasing equipment where necessary. Funds may be used to support other activities at the club that promote the community at the discretion of the community rugby team.



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